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What is NXL?
Company Profile

What is NXL?

NXL is a leading group of talented transportation engineers, surveyors, and construction managers who provide their clients with services of the highest caliber.

When I founded NXL in 1989, I vowed to provide “Excellence” in everything we do. That's why I framed the letter “X”, for “eXcellence” in the center of our company name. It is that pledge for excellence that has transformed NXL into a company with over 100 talented employees providing services on world-class projects throughout the United States and abroad.

What does “Excellence” mean? Our employees know the answer. It means our complete commitment to our clients and our clients’ interests. It means giving our clients much more than they expect. It means that, next time, our clients will think first of NXL.

And that is not a small task. Although many firms do what we do, our clients tell us that NXL does it better. They become repeat clients. They write unsolicited letters praising our employees' work.  And they refer our firm to others.

That is why, today, many years later, at NXL we are more committed than ever to our original mission to:

  • Present our clients with a service that exceeds their expectations for quality, reliability of delivery, and cost.
  • Always look out for our client's best interest.
  • Maintain the highest professional and ethical standards.

To continue achieving these goals, NXL will continue to embrace the newest technologies, persist on offering the best training for our personnel, and commit to hiring the most talented individuals who also share our mission

As our company continues to grow, I can assure you that NXL will never sacrifice quality for growth’s sake. That is because quality service is what made NXL what we are today and only quality and our unwavering commitment to excellence and to our clients will fuel NXL’s growth tomorrow.

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Nico De León, PE, CCM
Founder and CEO

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