Stan Kidwell – Senior Construction Inspector

Stan Kidwell was recently awarded NXL’s Light Tower Award from his Regional Manager, Tommy Lindsay, PMP. Mr. Kidwell has been providing exceptional inspection services for NXL since 2011. Not only is he productive in the field, but he possesses great communication skills and understands the importance of administrative work as well. Tommy was notified by one of our billing staff members about his attentiveness and understanding of the importance of timesheets and payroll. See her comment below:

” I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with Stan’s dedication to getting his timesheet submitted accurately and on-time. He always submits it Friday afternoon and if he has not heard from Julie or me by Tuesday, he always follows up. If I ever have a question, he calls me immediately. Today he called because the timesheet report showed a missing timesheet that he believed he had submitted on-time (he was correct.) While on the phone, he told me he is planning on taking a vacation. He asked me what the proper procedure was for submitting his signed timesheet for the week before and the week of his vacation since he would be away. Kudos to Stan. This dedication to ensuring there are no issues to impact billing is impressive.”