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NXL has a reputation for providing quality work and this is primarily due to our highly experienced staff. NXL’s leadership serves as mentors and devotes a great deal of time and resources to in-house training and mentoring to retain our quality staff. According to a recent employee survey, 98% of our employees believe their work is directly related to the overall success of NXL and 99% of them state they are proud to be a part of NXL. We are a team dedicated to the success of our staff and we foster a culture of collaboration and respect.

  • “NXL supports personal career development and encourages advancement professionally and in their work positions.”

    NXL Administrative Staff

  • “NXL has encouraged and supported my career development!”

    NXL Surveyor

  • “My favorite part of my job is: Seeing the end result of a project and knowing it was done properly and I was part of this project. Knowing that each day is different and comes with different challenges.”

    NXL Inspector

  • “People here are more laid-back, more fun to be with”

    NXL Employee

  • “I take pride in NXL. Where I wear that vest, I take ownership.”

    NXL Inspector

  • “Our brand is our people, our culture is our people.”

    NXL Employee

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