Route 29 Solutions

NXL performed Surveying services on two major projects as part of the larger Route 29 Solutions project in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Route 29 Widening: The purpose of this project was to widen Route 29 (Seminole Trail) from a four-lane divided highway to a six-lane divided highway from Route 643 (Polo Grounds Road) to Route 1719 (Towncenter Drive) in northern Albemarle County.  The project increased the roadway capacity, which reduced congestion on this heavily traveled section of Route 29.

The project also included safety improvements at previously identified locations. This 850 acre, 8 mile long, route survey fell under NXL’s Prime Statewide Survey, Photogrammetry, and SUE contract and consisted of full mapping services for both the existing and proposed bypass corridors between Rt. 250 and Towncenter Drive in Charlottesville, VA. The survey was successfully completed within an aggressive three month schedule and 10% under budget allowing for scope items to be added at no additional cost to the Commonwealth.

As the Prime Consultant, NXL provided traditional surveying services as well as aerial photogrammetry, subsurface utility mapping, and mobile scanner mapping. NXL was also tasked with coordinating survey efforts between multiple prime consultants as well as vetting and incorporating legacy data into the final survey deliverables. Shortly after the completion of the project, NXL was charged with the development of right-of-way acquisition plans for the relocation of subsurface utilities along the existing corridor.

Route 29 / Route 250 Interchange Improvements: The Route 29 – Route 250 interchange improvement project (known locally as the “Best Buy ramp project”) opened to traffic on May 21, 2016. This project added a second lane to the entrance ramp from Route 29 south onto the Route 250 Bypass and an associated merge lane on Route 250 westbound to the Barracks Road exit. It also added an additional southbound lane to Route 29 by widening into the median from just south of Hydraulic Road to the Route 250 Bypass interchange. The improvements will reduce congestion and improve safety and the movement of traffic from Route 29 onto the Route 250 Bypass, as well as the flow of traffic continuing south on Route 29 (Emmet Street) into the city.

The project also included construction of a new sidewalk between Morton Drive and Angus Road. The sidewalk is located in the U.S. 29 median, which provides the safest route for pedestrians to use when traveling from one side of the interchange to the other. The new sidewalk section connects with existing pedestrian crossings and sidewalks at Angus Road (north of the interchange) and Morton Drive (south of the interchange).

NXL worked as a sub-consultant providing surveying services on the Best Buy ramp located off of Route 29 in Charlottesville. NXL was responsible for a 5,500 LF route survey to widen the ramp from Route 29 south-bound to Route 250 west-bound. We provided the following surveying services: topographic, limited bridge, drainage, utility, right-of-way plan sheets, property and right-of-way research, and geotechnical stakeout.




Completion Date



Virginia Department of Transportation


VDOT and Rummel, Klepper, Kahl, LLP


Albermarle County, VA

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